Our Sponsorship Program is the absolute bomb! There is nothing "in-kind" about it! Simply contact Run America, then help us "socialize" Run America. Its that simple. Come race day Run America will present your organization with a sponsorship check. Need more detail… read on…

What event couldn’t use a few extra dollars for sharing a quick burst of information about Run America? Just create an event-specific Run America.(co) custom URL to socialize registration across ALL event print media and digital correspondence. Wanna see? Simply click the Run America custom URL (already setup) for the PCTI Winter Series, http://www.runamerica.co/PCTIWinterSeries. Did you see the burst? That's it!

Now that you have an idea of how this program works let's estimate your event’s potential (monetary sponsorship). Please use our Sponsorship Calculator to “run” the numbers:  http://runamerica.co/Content/RunAmericaSponsorshipWorksheet.xlsx

Not bad... huh? Currently, Run America provides a report of all the registrations processed through your event's Custom URL after online registration closes alongside your sponsorship check. You will soon be able to track this activity online through Run America.co some time late Q3 2020.

So what EXACTLY are you promoting?

RunAmerica's (.co) website and mobile app (links can be found below)! Your socializing the ability to allow those that move their feet to find what they are looking for through a robust set of “refinements” (criteria) whereby creating a personalized synthesis filter. 

Lets break it down. Should any runner prefer to participate in, for example, a 10K event, on Saturdays, within a 25 mile radius of their local, in the rain, between 10am-12pm, at a temperature of 70-80 degrees, at a cost of $30-40, as hosted through RunSignUp and in support of a children's charity we'll show them what's on tap or alert them when an event like the one prescribed is available. To that end as you run "America" your filter moves with you.

Need to see things visually? Take a look-see! Run America Mobile App!

Run America's goto market strategy is currently in full swing. We presently offer FREE BIBs and RECOVERABLE Active/IPICO SHOETAGS to further communicate our messaging beyond the Sponsorship Program we are sharing with you today. As 2020 unfolds all our media elements (remaining items are in production) will be centerstage so now is a great time to join us AND help your cause cash in on a little extra scratch leading up to race day.

That said, are you ready to Run... America? Be sure to let us know and we'll have you up and running in no time!